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Our Time

by The Creeps

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eric scott
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eric scott The creeps are one of those bands where I can honestly say that I like every single song they put out ..alot. I came across them on a compilation about six months ago and I have not stopped listening to them since. they remind me a lot of the old alkaline Trio stuff. i'm shocked that more people don't know about this band because they are so good Favorite track: Stagger Through The City.
Miguel Thibodeau
Miguel Thibodeau thumbnail
Miguel Thibodeau The Creeps are one of my favorite bands from this country. Everything they have released has been great. They're not rewriting the formula, but they're excelling at playing it. This EP is a great example of it! Favorite track: Grand Ideas.
Grand Ideas 02:39
We had grand ideas And this city never slept, once upon a time. But now these streetlights, they betray us. On sidewalks where we once roamed the night. These city walls they hold us and this hive mind controls us. Who could ever ask for anything more? So if you don’t ask then I won’t, but what do we say when they go And drag us all off into war? Are we slaves to ideals Or can we find a beacon in the night? And if the end of times is near, Can I be a shadow in the light? They’ve got us running around in these circles and I just don’t know. Forget the forest, we can’t even see the trees and I don’t know If I can do it anymore.
Move 02:32
It’s when they smile you know they’re lying and they’re doing it right into your face. They’ve got spies on every corner and traps laying all over the place. I’ve got eyes in the back of my head and they’re just telling me to move. These old scars shine like sparks under the light of the moon. I wish my chest could just fly open and just let this pounding heart on through. I’ve got eyes in the back of my head and they’re just telling me to move. They’ve got spies on every corner and they’re watching my every move. If I’m going then I’m gone.
Over and Out 02:20
We’ve got to go. We’ve got to go. We’ve got to go. We’ve got to go. No, I’ve got to go. You’re moving too slow. I’m sorry - "Oh, don’t leave me alone!" - but I’ve got to go. When bombs start falling and bodies start flying, Well I’m sorry boys but I’m not one for dying. Oh, these times are hard on everyone. The death of a nation, the rise of a tyranny. I’m sure “God is great”, but what’s in it for me? Oh, these times will be the death of everyone. If Church conquers State, have we reaped what we’ve sown? And if I disagree is my mind still my own? Oh, these thoughts will send me to an early grave. If not for the soldiers who line all our streets, A chaos so grand, destruction so complete. Oh, who knew our houses would be our graves? Will this sprawl never end? Will I not reach the limits? These shrapnel and flames engulf everything in them. If I lay down my head, just for a minute, Will the world pass me by?
Wait ‘til they all fall down and then just stagger through the city. I can’t forget my oldest crimes, hell no they follow with me. Every time I turn around I just see my shadow. Footsteps in the alleyway but there’s no one there. I’ve got my mind made up that mine doesn’t matter anymore. I can feel my heart beating, I can feel my lungs breathing. I can see my breath in this cold night air, but I just don’t care now.
Our Time 01:58
What lives shall always pass So where does that leave us? What’s built shall never last So where does that leave us? We’ve had our time. We’ve had our time.


All songs written, produced, recorded, and mixed by The Creeps.
Mastered by Dave Williams at Rock Among Us


released May 21, 2013


all rights reserved



The Creeps Ottawa, Ontario

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