These Walls

by The Creeps



released January 31, 2009

Black Pint Records


all rights reserved



The Creeps Ottawa, Ontario

Oops. We did it again.

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Track Name: On and On
Are these prison walls? Because this sure ain't my home.
On the ground I see the soldiers on the streets below.

Are we getting by? Sure, I guess we're getting by.
But are we getting...

On the rooftop of the building one over,
I see the gleam of a service revolver.

So are we getting by? Sure I guess we're getting by.
But are we getting

On and on and on and on
I know these dreams I have every night are just wrong
But with my head full and my feet still, all I fucking feel is regret.

On and on and on and on
They try to keep us sedate, unresponsive and calm.
But with these thought-crimes I've been thinking - they leave the dullest fucking ache in my head.

Are we getting by? Sure I guess we're getting.
Wish I could leave it behind because I just can't fit in.
Track Name: You're Better Off
It used to be we used to walk these streets at night
With no fear, we used to hold our heads up high.
But now I'm constantly stealing glances over my shoulder.

I'm not so sure, but I know damn well what we're told.
Fear of the unknown is the only line (lie) that we're sold.
This faceless evil could be hiding around every corner.

You don't need community.
You can't trust anybody.
Go it alone and you'll see
You're better off now. You're better off.

So walls are raised, a monument to the shadows that haunt
Us in our dreams, a symbol of the thing we think we most want -
Lives lived both as and protected from strangers.

Fractured neighbourhoods to match fractured cities and states.
But it's not quite fear, no nothing as decisive as hate.
More a relentless and foreboding feeling of danger.

It's not our differences that separate us now, oh no.
But a common need to not feel so vulnerable
To the dark unknown created and stoked by our masters.

If this path continues there will be no place left to hide
Because invariably this monster will make it inside
Our private kingdoms and usher in the end so much faster.
Track Name: Strangle This Town
Lock the doors at night.
Pull the shutters tight.
These streets aren't safe for anyone.
These streets aren't safe for anyone.

As the sun falls down,
Curfew will strangle this town.
They march like ghosts through the night.
They march like ghosts through the night.

Soldiers they walk our streets
To the sound of some distant beat.
But when it all goes down in the end,
Will they be keeping them out or us in?

These walls won't keep me anywhere.
Track Name: Bullets At Ghosts
So when you find your comfort in ancient texts,
What happens when all those who are aren't so blessed?
Should they just pack it up and move along?

And what about entire nation-states
Who can't quite agree on anything?
Should we just fuck it all and drop the bomb?

And I suppose there's something to be said for absolute devotion
But now that our state is lockstep with the Church in motion
And every fucking voice of dissent is dismissed as empty fucking rhetoric,
Well, what do we do now?

Conscript all the soldiers and lock all the gates
Because it's easier to just give in to hate.
And in the end when they're all just imagined foes,
Who's going to stop us from firing our bullets at ghosts?

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