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Lakeside Cabin

by The Creeps

We’ve got too many men on our trail. We’re going down, we’re going down. We’ll either end up dead or back in jail. We’re going down, we’re going down. We’ve got to bury the bodies out where they’ll never be found. Burn the bridges and get the hell out of this town. But, hey, just wait. Do we really want to spend our lives out on the run? Or do we stay, backs against the wall and waiting with a loaded gun? I just need a minute to think. We spent five years taking over this town. In the blink of an eye, you know they’ll burn the whole thing down. One question: run or fight? Turn tail or gunshots in the night? No question now. We stand our ground.
Last night I went for a walk Past my old stomping grounds. I passed all the girls that I used to stalk. My heart it pounds and pounds. Try being a reformed psycho killer, it’s fucking hard Seeing a girl through her bedroom window from her front yard. The only crime here is that I can’t tie you up and drag you down. I made it all the way home. Past broken dreams, dead TV screens and all the rest. I made it all the way home. My head it swirls with thoughts of girls alone in their beds. I made it all the way home.
I kill. You kill. We kill. They’re all dead and now it’s time to get away. The Creeps are going on a permanent vacation to slaughter the U.S.A. We don’t even know just where we’re going but I know that we’ll be having fun. Three psycho killers. Three total palsies. Killing on the run. Judge and jury sealed our fate. They said what we did is a sin. So now they’re throwing us back, yeah, back to the loony bin. Well we had a blast but now the Creeps are a gas. “We’re going to throw the book at you. You’ll never kill again.” We just wanted to have some fun but they said we’re a danger. The Creeps are going, going to the gas chamber.
Doused her in gasoline, my beauty fucking queen. And even these flames I’ve started won’t be enough to wash her clean. Bound and gagged, it’s always the same. Am I getting too old for this murder scene? Lock me up because I’m totally stuck. I will kill again and and again if you don’t throw the book at me this time. I’m all out of voices in my head. Telling me to kill you dead again and again.
I kissed my baby goodbye on the tarmac. I said, “I love you, girl and I’ll see you when we get back.” I closed the window and shut my eyes. There ain’t much to see at 27,000 feet on a snowy night. We’re going down. The captain said we might not make it out alive. So say your prayers as we plummet through the night sky. From the moment I met you, I knew that I loved you But we’ll never meet again. No, this is the end. We’re going down. They gave us seat-belts. We needed parachutes.
Where did our paths first cross? Was it footsteps in the sand or a knock at the door? Fragments of dreams or so much more? A lifetime of hazy memories And none harder to remember than this. Poison on the lips of a late night kiss. Did she catch me once and leave me to die? If so, then how am I still alive? It’s moments like this I wish I could still think. Is that her again across from the bar? And wasn’t that her in the back of my car? Oh, what the hell. Just give me a drink. So if I’m going to die again tonight It wouldn’t be the first time. Let’s just have it out, right here right now. This mess has gone on way too long. I’ve been tracking you for years. In dreams. In waking life. Or was it just the other way around?
Do you want to go for a ride? We’ll head on down to Lakeport Drive. We’ll go where we won’t be seen. So you babble about your ex-boyfriend. (I know this story’s getting old, but...) You might know him but you don’t know me. And you don’t even wonder why you don’t know where you are. Sitting alone with the headlights out in the back seat of my car. If I told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times before, oh baby. Hope that answers your question. You’re going to die tonight and I feel just fine. Baby, just hold on tight. This will only hurt for a little moment. Then this moment will pass. Baby, just hold on tight. Think about each and every little breath your take Because one will be your last.
Palisades 02:42
Down to Palisades Park we’ll walk hand-in-hand Together for the first time in 98 days. I still remember the last time that I saw your face, Hand-cuffed in the back of the squad car next to mine. They said we’re going away. For a long time. But here we are back where we first started. Together again. Jail break at dawn. They couldn’t hold us. Together again. I know we don’t have long but this is enough to last forever. Together again. I hear sirens in the distance and I know they’re coming for us And they’re going to shoot us down. So just give me one more chance to look into your eyes. Don’t cry. Don’t make a sound. This is all we said that we ever wanted. This is all I know I’ll ever need.
A train ride downtown on a rainy night To high-rise mazes that look all alike. And the bottle lied empty on its side and so did she, With a far away look in her eyes. And so she sympathized with those who chose suicide Because she couldn’t hide and that fear just fucking paralyzed. So the bottle lied empty on its side despite the pills The pills that it described. “These walls they have eyes. And they’re staring me down,” she said. “They’re staring me down.” “These walls they have eyes. And they’re staring me down,” she said. “They’re wearing me all the way down.” This dead-bolt security it feels more like a coffin than protection from the night. And if dying has a look then it was in her eyes. “Do you have to wear it on your sleeve?” Then she replied, “why shouldn’t I?”
We should have never gone the long way home, baby. Now it’s over for you and me. Another Saturday night let’s go get drunk at make-out point. You and me. Listen to the radio and after a while hit the back seat. You and me. She said, “There’s a full moon and we’re all alone.” I said, “That’s nice it’s just you and me.” We were taking our time with my hand on her thigh. That’s when she screamed. There’s a man in the rear-view and he’s covered in blood With a knife in his hands. And we’re all alone out here, so whatever they are We’re a part of his plans. As he opened up the door we saw his face and screamed Over and over again, “we’re dead.”
They cut the power to the lakeside cabin. They killed the phone lines, too. Covered the entries. Backed up by sentries. This will all be coming to a head real soon. We all said we’d be together ‘til the end But the end’s right here, right now. Our plans are grounded. We’ve been surrounded. There is nowhere we can go so we’re going down. We ain’t ever going back to jail, no. We would rather die. But I know we’re fucked here, holed up on the inside. We could kill ourselves and drown in our own blood but I say that’s chickenshit. If we’re going to hell, we go with guns blazing. We make a run for it. We’ve got to go. Pull the trigger and don’t look back. We’ve got to go. Just keep running ‘til your world turns black.


Recorded by Jordy at the Lakeside Cabin
Mixed and Mastered by Johnny Love at Paf Disques
Cover art by Lisa Soper


released April 8, 2008

Black Pint Records


all rights reserved



The Creeps Ottawa, Ontario

Oops. We did it again.

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